Design and manage currencies in a simple and secure way.
Made for participatory and democratic organisations aiming to incentivise participation - differently to centralised banking systems - and experiment with different economic models.

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modulesModules not framework

Frameworks nature is a generalist one. They often pretend to foresee user needs thanks to some kind of metrics but end up covering the most common use cases in the most predictable ways.
Adopting the social wallet modules as building blocks, it will be easy to deploy a basic alternative currency and cover ad-hoc needs and manage design phase complexity at the same time.


This module allows the application to connect to different kind of databases based on its needs.


Users authentication & authorization

Users can register, recover passwords and add 2FA to safely interact with currencies. providing all these features, this module gives also the chance to create user roles that can define the governance within a group.



Our core module, it safely allows a webapp to query the database and perform operations over it. With this module you can create new transactions, add metadata such as tags and comments, query transactions, filter them and more…


The webapp

The app that lets users to receive & send tokens among themselves. Tested to be used on any browser, its basic version does not require javascript to work.


usecases usecases

This is the most appropriate time to experiment with radical economic ideas that can span from implementing community basic income to design currencies bounded with specific economic principles (eg. demurrage).
Some of the usecases that can be covered by the social wallet are:


Municipality alternative currency

Give citizens the chance to use different credit systems, incentivate circular economy in urban and periurban areas and create new possibility of integration and sustainability.


Secure and reliable wallet for crypto

Our SWAPI module can connect with different blockchains and perform operations upon them, easing the creation of custom crypto wallet.


Festival-oriented temporary token

Leveraging on qrcode technology, the social wallet can be adopted offline too, facilitating the transfer of currencies on street events, festivals and parties in a p2p fashion, with pre-paid printed wallet.


Reward scheme, partecipatory petitions system and more...

A token can be more than a currency, it can represent a vote or any other specific action, it can be a share. We are open to get involved with fresh ideas…

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